Salad Lovers Triple with Recipe & Idea Card

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Our recipe sets are designed to be quick & easy dishes for everyone to enjoy. Each set features The Olive Bin's olive oils and balsamic vinegar found in store. Perfect as a hostess gift, grandparent gift, or a fun cooking night for the family.

Start your meal off with this flavorful holiday salad mixture featuring three of The Olive Bin's most popular and versatile salad dressing flavors.

Find the 60 mL size of this triple HERE


  • 200 mL bottle of Blood Orange olive oil
  • 200 mL bottle of Cranberry Pear white balsamic vinegar
  • 200 mL bottle of Raspberry dark balsamic vinegar
  • Idea Card & Recipe Card 
  • Green Carrier

*Shipping: Ships in the green carrier with the tie on

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