Denissimo 25-Year Dark Balsamic

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Our Denissimo is made from Trebbiano grape which is naturally caramelized and cooked down to an even greater extent, and aged for EVEN longer in the traditional “Batteria” of Modena. Our exclusive “Denissimo” contains less than 1% barrel-aged Italian red wine vinegar for pro-biotic effect, and slowly ages in five different casks comprised of mulberry, ash, oak, juniper, and cherry wood. This exquisite and exceedingly rare 1.36 density balsamic is extremely complex boasting flavor notes of cherry wood, dried fruits, raisins, figs, along with hints of dark chocolate and malt.

Denissimo pairs well with any of The Olive Bin's olive oils.

The balsamic vinegar found at The Olive Bin are gluten-free, dairy-free (no pasteurization), no sugar added, and vegan. They are not Kosher certified. We recommend a shelf life of 5 years for your balsamic vinegar.  Only natural flavoring is included in the balsamic - flavors derived from the fruit/herb themselves - such as botanical essential oils. Please see our Facts and Cooking pages for more information.

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| Kathleen

I received this as a gift and love it. Rich and sweet… I’ve used for Brussels, pizza, marinara sauce, and marinades. Excellent!

| Christopher Franklin

Absolutely love this vinegar. It is perfect to dip with bread or add to your favorite dish.

| Christopher Franklin

Absolutely love this aged vinegar. Perfect to dip bread or add to a dish.

| Brett Evan Tweedt

This is the absolute best of the balsamic vinegars I've had. Rich luscious and sweet. My go to for any salad I make.

5 stars based on 4 reviews