Gourmet Bacon Sampler (5 pack)

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Who doesn't want the ability to add mouth-watering bacon flavor to every dish? Perfect for the bacon-lovers in your life! Each set includes a wooden spoon and each jar is one fluid ounce.
Bacon Salt: Add the taste of bacon to all of your favorite foods and desserts.
Smoked Bacon Bourbon: Smoked bacon flavor coupled with a mild bourbon taste 
Spiced Bacon Honey: Spice & honey perfectly balanced with the bacon. Try on cupcakes!
Bacon Seasoning: Perfect for any dish from breakfast, lunch and dinner - a new reason to cook
Smoky Bacon: Rich smoky aroma and the flavor of bacon right at your fingertips
Bacon Salt
Ingredients- salt, brown sugar, rendered bacon fat, natural applewood smoke flavor, silicon dioxide to prevent caking 
Smoked Bacon Bourbon
Ingredients- brown sugar, molasses, cinnamon, caramel flavoring, salt, chipotle, soy base bacon bits
Spiced Bacon Honey
Ingredients- bacon bits soy base, brown sugar, saigon cinnamon, honey powder, applewood smoked sea salt, hickory powder, smoked serrano
Bacon Seasoning
Ingredients - salt, bacon bits, brown sugar, sugar, paprika, garlic, pepper, mustard, onion
Smoky Bacon  
Ingredients - sugar, salt, onion powder, torula yeast, tomato powder, natural bacon flavor (bacon fat)spices, natural smoke flavor, garlic powder, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, citric acid, extractives of paprika, <2% silicon dioxide
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