Olive Oil Cake Mix

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Our Classic Olive Oil Cake is a moist, tender cake that could not be easier to make.  Add your favorite olive oil, milk and eggs and bake in a springform pan.  Serve with fruit and powdered sugar for your new favorite dessert. Whenever we make it, we remember our old Italian relatives that passed this recipe down to us...whoops, only kidding, we are Scottish! (But, I think I may have some Italian blood in me somewhere, considering how much I adore the depth of flavor the olive oil gives this cake!  It is even better the next day!) Try it with a flavored infused olive oil like blood orange....mmmmm!  Hand crafted in Georgia!

Staff Recommendation: Bake with fruit flavored olive oil or a non-flavored EVOO


Net wt. 15 oz. Ingredients shown in image.

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