Garlic & Butter Olive Oil House Blend

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A custom blend by The Olive Bin. This rich olive oil gives off the scent and flavor of fresh garlic combined with savory butter. Complements bread baking, meat, popcorn, rice, pizza crust, and vegetables. Made specifically for garlic butter lovers!

The Olive Bin's olive oils are gluten-free, dairy-free (even the Butter Olive Oil!), and Kosher. Olive oil should be used within 12-14 months from when the seal on the bottle is broken. Our fused olive oils are crushed with whole fruit at the time of pressing, the infused olive oils have botanical essential oils infused into the product. Please see our Facts and Cooking pages for more information.



  • Amazing on popcorn and pizza crust
  • Great for sauteing or oven roasting vegetables
  • Heart-healthy butter substitute
  • Drizzle in a pan to fry a grilled cheese sandwich
  • Saute dry rice in this olive oil until translucent, then cook as directed
  • Combine with a dark balsamic for a meat marinade
  • Use in bread baking and dipping
| Terry Smith

I love ❤️ cooking fish and chicken in the garlic butter oil. I also make a dipping appetizer by adding cheese.

| Deb Kicmal

Love this combo of flavors for roasting veggies

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