Garlic Olive Oil

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A top seller with endless possibilities in cooking! This rich olive oil gives off the scent and flavor of fresh garlic. Complements salad, meat, seafood, pasta, vegetables, and bread.

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The Olive Bin's olive oils are gluten-free, dairy-free (even the Butter Olive Oil!), and Kosher. Olive oil should be used within 12-14 months from when the seal on the bottle is broken. Our fused olive oils are crushed with whole fruit at the time of pressing, the infused olive oils have botanical essential oils infused into the product. Please see our Facts and Cooking pages for more information.

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More Pairings

| Lori R

Gave this as a gift. It was a huge hit. Love the flavor it added to fajitas. Unable to attach the photo.

| Sonia Smith

This is my favorite oil by far, so versatile for all my cooking !

| Dino

This oil is a staple in our household. I use this all the time in so many of my cooks, whether inside or for BBQ / smoking. Makes a great base for a marinade as well!

| Sarah Smith

Amazing delicious on chicken...
A must have !

| Sarah Smith

Amazing delicious on chicken...
A must have !

| Shannon

We love the garlic olive oil - it’s definitely one of our favorites!

| J Flynn

Enhances any dish I use it in!

| Jane Flynn

Enhances any dish I use it in!

| Gina K

We sautéed vegetables using the garlic infused oil and they were delicious!!! Can’t wait to use it again!!

| Terri

This is a staple in our home! the family let’s me
Know when we are nearly out because they can’t cook without it!

| Lauri

I use this in everything I sauté.

| [email protected]

My #1 . Never without it!!
I do this and Italian seasoning and parm cheese and dip bread. So yummy!!!

| Angela Sparks

Great for sautéeing and marinade pairing with maple balsamic for salmon and expresso balsamic for steaks.

| M Riggert

love this product!

| M Riggert

love this product!

| Rhonda

Wont cook without this! A fresh way to add flavor to any sautéed vegetables . You don’t want to run out!

| Erin Templeton

Great on Pasta!!

| Carol Wilson

1st time this past weekend . Got garlic oil and it's amazing!!!!!!

| Shay McReynolds

This is great on pasta, garlic bread and many other things. My son loves it and uses it all the tume

| Sheri Strohl

This is a must have! Even lean ground turkey is tasty with garlic olive oil.

| Amanda Melton

This is our favorite everyday olive oil!!! It pairs great with almost everything we make

| Andi Merian

This is my favorite! My go to for sautéing vegetables. So good!

| Diane Monaco

It’s delicious!!!

| Matt

This is my go-to on pretty much everything!

5 stars based on 24 reviews