Raspberry Dark Balsamic

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Full of the natural flavor of fresh, ripe raspberries, this dark balsamic is thick, rich, and perfectly tart. Complements fruits, vegetables, desserts, pork, and chicken. Incredible when tossed with mixed greens and feta cheese.

The balsamic vinegar found at The Olive Bin are gluten-free, dairy-free (no pasteurization), no sugar added, and vegan. They are not Kosher certified. We recommend a shelf life of 5 years for your balsamic vinegar.  Only natural flavoring is included in the balsamic - flavors derived from the fruit / herb themselves - such as botanical essential oils. Please see our Facts and Cooking pages for more information.

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  • Combine with Herbs de Provence olive oil and drizzle over fruit kabobs.
  • Reduce and use as a syrup on pancakes or for a meat glaze with a dash of oregano, grape jelly, and black pepper.
  • Combine with Harissa for a sweet-and-spicy marinade for pork or chicken
  • Drizzle over ice cream and warm brownies


More Pairings:

| Sharon Boucher

Delicious on salads!!!

| Cynthia Trebilcock

I sprinkle some of this dark raspberry balsamic vinegar on my grilled veggies over rice and gives it the perfect flavor.

| Katie Henderson

This vinegar is the “bomb . com” on anything you can imagine: salad, ice cream, pasta….the possibilities are endless!

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