Wild Raspberry White Balsamic

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A tart and luscious raspberry flavor. This vinegar was a Summer 2018 special flavor. It was so popular that it is now in the store year-round! This vinegar complements shrubs, drinks, meats, salads, and seafood.

The balsamic vinegar found at The Olive Bin are gluten-free, dairy-free (no pasteurization), no sugar added, and vegan. They are not Kosher certified. We recommend a shelf life of 5 years for your balsamic vinegar.  Only natural flavoring is included in the balsamic - flavors derived from the fruit / herb themselves - such as botanical essential oils. Please see our Facts and Cooking pages for more information.

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  • Combine with an olive oil and use as a marinade or glaze for chicken or seafood.
  • Add into a mixed cocktail or ice water for a refreshing drink!
  • Pair with an olive for for a fabulous vinaigrette for greens .
  • Drizzle on fresh fruit.


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| Sonia Jones

This flavor paired with a the Tuscan Herb makes me fall in love with salads again. So refreshing. I can never go back to bottled dressing again.

| Rachel Wages

I knew this was a great one when my young daughter not only was willing to try it, but then requested it on her salad at dinner! (She’s usually very set on creamy dressings!)
This one is sweet and a little goes a long way. Used it plain over our salad, no need to mix with any other flavor! But you certainly could if you wanted to! Highly recommend!

| Cynthia Trebilcock

I love it on my salad! It gives the perfect tang for flavor.

| Kurt

I mix this one in with my Sprite for a refreshing mocktail

| Mary Margaret Tweedt

So hard to pick a favorite!!! Especially when I love so many of the balsamic’s! Cranberry Pear, Vanilla Orange, Mission Fig, Traditional, the list goes on and on! Don’t get me started on the olive oils

5 stars based on 5 reviews