Italian House Blend Olive Oil

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An incredible aroma of garlic, rosemary, and oregano - all of the flavors traditional Italy is known for! Don’t limit this flavor to only Italian dishes, although it really shows off when used in spaghetti and pasta dishes. Try it as a salad dressing, a dip for crusty bread, marinated chicken skewers, lemon roasted cauliflower, or classic sausage and peppers! Delizioso!

The Olive Bin's olive oils are gluten-free, dairy-free (even the Butter Olive Oil!), and Kosher. Olive oil should be used within 12-14 months from when the seal on the bottle is broken. Our fused olive oils are crushed with whole fruit at the time of pressing, the infused olive oils have botanical essential oils infused into the product. Please see our Facts and Cooking pages for more information.

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  • Great for sauteing, roasting, and grilling vegetables.
  • Drizzle on cooked pasta and combine with parmesan.
  • Combine with Traditional-18 or Denissimo-25 for a herbal salad dressing or meat marinade.
  • Use to saute, roast, and grill veggies or meat.
  • Use alone or with a dark balsamic for bread dipping.


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| Heather s wilson

Such a great product

| Janet Fischer

Enjoy the Italian House Blend Olive Oil

| Linda Knappenburger

Love to use for sautéing vegetables and dipping bread!

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